Hainan West Central Hospital海南西部中心医院

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Hainan Western Central Hospital is built on the basis of the First People's Hospital of Danzhou and is fully integrated with health resources. It is a regional medical center in the western area of Hainan Province, which is prepared according to the standards of a three-level general hospital. In 2017, we cooperated with the Ninth People's Hospital of Jiaotong University School of Medicine. The hospital (one hospital and two districts) covers an area of 378.8 acres, with a total planned construction area of 225,000 square meters; 1,000 beds and 37 clinical medical technology departments. More than 1,300 employees.

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Hainan West Central Hospital海南西部中心医院

类型 地市厅局属的医疗卫生单位

行业 医院

规模 1000-9999人

地址 海南南省儋州市那大镇伏波东路2号