Hainan Mission Hills Resort Co., Ltd.海南观澜湖酒店有限公司

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Mission Hills · Haikou is nestled in the dramatic volcanic landscape in the north of Hainan Island, China. The resort features world-class, family-friendly leisure, sports, recreation, entertainment, dining, accommodation, conference, shopping, mineral springs and spa facilities. With such offerings and appealing to visitors of all ages, it’s no wonder that Hainan is on course to be one of the most popular destinations in China.

海口观澜湖旅游度假区坐落于中国海南岛的万年火山岩地貌之上,是集旅游度假、休 闲娱乐、环球美食、住宿购物、商务会议和温泉水疗于一身的绝佳旅游胜地。

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Hainan Mission Hills Resort Co., Ltd.海南观澜湖酒店有限公司

类型 私营企业

行业 文化、娱乐、体育经纪代理

规模 100-499人

地址 No.1 Mission Hills Boulevard, Hainan, China海南省海口市观澜湖大道1号