Hainan Jinxiu ZhiBei Industry Co., Ltd海南锦绣织贝实业有限公司

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Hainan Jinxiu ZhiBei Industry Co., Ltd. was established in July 2005. It is a professional company that inherits, excavates, develops and produces traditional handmade Li brocade crafts. The registered capital is 3 million yuan. Our philosophy is to advocate science and return to nature, respect tradition and be brave in innovation. As the first company mainly engaged in the development of Lijin cultural industry in Hainan Province, we will further implement the talent strategy, increase the branch content of products, and strive to improve the artistic quality of products. 海南锦绣织贝实业有限公司是于2005年7月成立的,以传承、挖掘、开发和制作传统手工黎族织锦工艺品的专业公司。注册资金为300万元。我们的理念是崇尚科学,回归自然;尊重传统,勇于创新。作为海南省第一家以开发黎锦文化产业为主营的公司,我们将进一步实施人才战略,加大产品的科枝含量,努力提高产品的艺术品位。

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Hainan Jinxiu ZhiBei Industry Co., Ltd海南锦绣织贝实业有限公司

类型 私营企业

行业 丝绢纺织及印染精加工

规模 20人以下

地址 海南省海口市龙华区滨海大道103号财富广场24层