Silk road foreign talents exchange service 丝路外服

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Hainan silk road united foreign talents exchange service co., ltd. is the largest and most professional comprehensive international human resource service center in Hainan province, which is granted by Hainan provincial department of human resources and social security, also approved by Hainan foreign experts bureau and Hainan public security bureau. our company has  established a long-term, stable and friendly relations of cooperation with Europe, America, southeast Asia, South Asia, Australia several overseas units, the establishment of a professional and complete consulting, recruitment, visa service, staff training system,we focus on meet the demand of international talents of the construction of the Hainan free trade area , introduction of high-tech talent for the enterprise.We cooperate with relevant regulations on introducing high level international talents and settle them down in Hainan province, also help to apply for visa and settlement procedures for them;Combined with the needs of Hainan market, we solve the employment problem for international talents.Hainan silk road united foreign talent exchange service co., ltd. is an important window for communication between international talents and the construction of Hainan free trade area,also an important hub for international talents to Hainan. At present, our business has covered high-tech, high level education, medical care, tourism, catering, performing arts, agriculture and other industries. In the future, we will continue to extend the service chain and expand the employment channels in the service field,  provide more excellent professional talents for Hainan enterprises, provide more job seekers with efficient employment services, and We will try our best to help build Hainan's free trade area and Introduce more high level talents.


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Silk road foreign talents exchange service 丝路外服

类型 私营企业

行业 其他商务服务业

规模 20-99人

地址 Floor 3th Yihai Bldg, Wuxi Road, Haidian Peninsula, Haikou, Hainan, China 海南海口市海甸岛海甸五西路铱海楼三楼