Hainan Affiliated Middle School of CCNU

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华中师范大学海南附属中学是经海南省政府、省教育厅正式批准设立的一所优质民办全日制寄宿制完全中学。学校区位优势明显,占地面积广阔,严格按照教育部颁布的标准建设,校园环境优美。师资队伍结构合理,课程模式先进。现有特级教师5人,高级教师占教师比例30%以上。学校秉承华中师大百多年来的优秀文化传统和“求实创新、立德树人”的办学理念,融汇华师一附中“把方法教给学生,把时间还给学生”的教学思想,综合来自全国各地的优秀教师的先进理念,结合海南本土实际。办学五年多,形成了精英培育、学困挖潜、艺体见长、国际拓展四大特色。 海南日报、海口日报多次报道办校成果,海南省教育厅通报海南省民办学校年检情况,学校连续三年被评为优秀。2017年12月,学校被中国第二届民办教育百强组委会评选为“中国民办教育百强”。2018年6月,华中师范大学海南附中与美国密歇根州特拉弗斯校区签署合作办学协议,于2019年6月成功取得美国大学理事会官方颁发的AP学校资质代码,正式成为AP学校。2019年7月华中师范大学海南附中与澳大利亚卡洛琳启思蒙学院等五校联盟学校共同举办中澳跨国教育峰会,并与澳洲卡洛琳启思蒙学院签订了教育合作协议,合作开办澳洲VCE课程。进一步扩大办学成果,为海口的国际教育发展作出新的贡献。  Hainan Affiliated Middle School of the Central China Normal UniversityHainan Affiliated Middle School of the Central China Normal University is a high-quality private boarding school officially approved by Hainan provincial government and provincial education department. The school has distinct advantages, covering a vast area with beautiful campus in a strict accordance with the standards issued by the Ministry of Education of China. The school embraces an advanced curriculum and outstanding teaching staff including 5 special-grade teachers and more than 30% senior teachers. The school insists on the excellent cultural tradition inherited from Huazhong Normal University of China for more than 100 years and integrates an  idea of "seeking truth and innovation, building morality and cultivating people" with the teaching idea of "teaching methods to students and returning time to students" all together. The school has been running for more than five years and has formed four major characteristics: Elite Cultivation, Tapping Potential, Talents Building and International Development. Hainan Daily and Haikou Daily reported the results of running schools for many times. Hainan Provincial Department of Education reported the annual inspection of private schools in Hainan Province, and our schools is rated as an excellent campus for three consecutive years. In December 2017, the school was selected as "top 100 private education in China" by the Committee of the Top 100 Private Education in China. In June 2018, Hainan Affiliated High School of the Central China Normal University signed a cooperative agreement with Travers campus in Michigan State of the United States. In June 2019, it successfully obtained the AP school qualification code officially issued by the University Council of the United States and officially became an AP school. In July 2019, Hainan Affiliated High School of central China Normal University and five alliance schools, including Carolyn CHISON College of Australia, jointly held the China-Australia cross border education summit, and signed an education cooperation agreement with Carolyn CHISON College of Australia to jointly launch VCE courses in our school. We will further expand our achievements in running school and make new contributions to the development of International Education in Haikou.

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Hainan Affiliated Middle School of CCNU

类型 完全中学

行业 初等教育

规模 100-499人

地址 海口市兴丹路3号